Leaked Website Hints at Microsoft Social Networking Site |

A landing page for what appears to be a Microsoft social-networking site was discovered Thursday night, sparking rumors that the software giant is building a social network to rival Google+. But not Facebook.

Before it was replaced with a tight-lipped… Continue reading

Space Shuttle Discovery Docks with the International Space Station

The Space Shuttle Atlantis successfully completed docking procedures just moments ago on what will be the final US Space Shuttle mission. 30 years of shuttle missions and now the era has come to an end. Check out the ISS Timeline… Continue reading

Redbox Just Got Better!

Redbox, the popular Movie Rental Kiosks, just got even better! Starting today (Friday June 17th), you can go to the big red box nearest you and pick you your favorite games for XBOX 360, PS3, and Wii for only $2.00… Continue reading

Star Wars via Robot?

Looks like George Lucas has someone competing for the title of "Lightsaber Battle Expert". The industrial company Yasakawa equipped a couple of its manufacturing machines with lightsabers and choreographed a battle for them to perform for the attendants of the… Continue reading