Updates about the website!

Minecraft Server has Launched!

LazerWorkZ is proud to announce that the new Minecraft server has officially launched along with it's brand new website and is a very happy addition to the LazerWorkZ Family!

Check it out at, if you are already a… Continue reading

User Registration Fixed, Multi-user blogs disabled

Ok, so I was able to correctly repair the website's ability to allow registrations; however, temporarily this means that the new feature of MultiUser blogs that is going to be available to Premium subscribers is not functional. I will keep… Continue reading

Mobile blogging

I have now set it up to have the ability to post to the site from anywhere using my android phone :-).  You will start to see a lot more posts like these in the future as it will… Continue reading

Computer Issues

I'm having computer issues here so I might have issues with getting to and/or updating the website. My graphics card appears to be going bad so I'm going to have to get another card. If you want to see some… Continue reading