Laser Engraving Services

 What is laser engraving?

Lazer Workz offers high-quality laser engraving services on various materials, including wood, metal, acrylic, glass, and leather. We can engrave text, images, logos, and designs, and our work is permanent and resistant to abrasion.


 Our Prices

The cost of our laser engraving services depends on the complexity, size, and material of the engraving.


 Here is a sample of our prices of our most popular items:

  Deep Engraving  Surface Marking
NFA Trusts $50 $35
Standard Logos $50 $35
Custom Logos $75-$125 $50 - $125
Marking or Factory Lettering $50 and up --
Firearm Slide per Side $125 and up $95 and up 
PMAGS per side -- $15
Fishing Reel/Rod -- $20
Metal Wallets  $50 $35
Knives $125 $80

 ***Prices do not include the artwork fee ***

The artwork fee

The artwork fee is a charge that we add to the cost of engraving if the artwork is not provided in vector file format. This is because we need to convert the raster file to vector format, which is a time-consuming process.

The amount of the artwork fee will vary depending on the complexity of the artwork. However, it is typically around $50.

To get a quote for your project, please contact us and provide us with the following information:

  • The size and complexity of the engraving
  • The material being engraved
  • Your desired design
  • The artwork provided by the customer must be in vector file format. If the artwork is not in vector file format, we will need to add an artwork fee.

We will then provide you with a free quote and estimated turnaround time.


 Contact Us

To learn more about our services or to get a quote, please contact us at:



We look forward to working with you!


Why do we require vector files?

Vector files are images that are made up of mathematical formulas. This means that they can be scaled up or down without losing quality. This is important for laser engraving, as we need to be able to engrave the artwork at the desired size.

We can engrave vector files on a variety of materials, including polymer, metal, and acrylic. We can also engrave vector files in a variety of colors, depending on the material being engraved and the type of laser engraving machine we are using.

Raster files, on the other hand, are made up of pixels, which means that they can only be scaled up to a certain point before the quality starts to degrade. This is why we require vector files for laser engraving.



We hope this information is helpful. Please contact us if you have any questions.